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Tips for Progress in Life & Business

There is a lot happening in the world today.  We are hearing and seeing the effects of the coronavirus around every corner and if we aren’t careful, we could easily see the effects at our own door.  While this frightens many people, and for good reason, I want you to consider that there is always […]

Get out of the box

Today, we are focusing on getting you to a new place in your life.  I hope that these inspirational quotes on freeing yourself from limitations help you to be liberated and to press forward. If you want to make it to the place of fulfillment and satisfaction, as an entrepreneur, you must realize that it […]

Having a social media presence is not enough. You have to connect with your audience through email.

Being active online is a great thing. It helps you to build your audience, gain new customers, and spread your message. When I talk about being active online, most people automatically think of social media.  While being on social media is a good thing, it is is not enough. You must have another way to […]

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vesse;. by Elizabeth Brownn

Learning to care for yourself is a key component to your success.  It is so easy to think and say to yourself that you will get to your needs and wants later on, all the while taking care of everyone and everything else.  This tendency becomes the downfall of many and this is why I […]